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Please RSVP as soon as possible. We need to hear from you by March via this form or otherwise if you need more time. Do reach out!!!


We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Thank you for making our big, beautiful party safe, carefree, and revelatory for everyone by being fully vaccinated and keeping up with any boosters that may or may not be recommended over this next year. If you are traveling by plane, please take any and all safety measures, including choosing airlines with mask and vaccine policies when possible, and following testing recommendations and/or quarantine waiting periods if recommended from your area. Vaccines are now approved for even our younger guests, so there are no exceptions regarding age. If you are not vaccinated, please RSVP “I am not coming” (we'll miss you) or reach out to us directly before you RSVP. Having everyone safely vaccinated is very important to us. Stay safe, and we are so excited to party!!!

Please RSVP only for the individuals named on your invitation, and if any plus ones have been explicitly stated on that invitation. Please have each named guest fill out a form so we have very accurate records of who's eating what and confirmation of vaccination.


  • Everyone attending must be fully vaccinated

  • Please take safety precautions if you travel by plane

  • RSVP only for people named on an invitation- please don't assume a +1. We want to make sure everyone is fed!

  • Please arrange for care if your child is not named on an invitation


Thanks for understanding that having a widely adult wedding with very limited plus ones overall means we get to spend time with our nearest and dearest. Know that if you don't have a guest, you have a solid group of friends/family who are also invited!

Will you be attending?
Plus Ones....If you have been given a plus one and know you want to bring one, please include their name and pronouns below. If you don’t know who you’re bringing yet or it changes later on, no worries! Just use the button at the bottom of the page to update your info when you do know so we have everybody’s name right.
When it comes to food I am..... (please specify multiple needs below- dumb form doesn't allow multiple choice)
When it comes to food, my plus one is... (please specify multiple needs below -dumb form doesn't allow multiple choice)
Will you partake in an alcoholic beverage?
Will your plus one partake in an alcoholic beverage?

Thank you! p.s. the venue zip code is 98296 (misprint! oops!)

RSVP'd early with a nebulous plus one but didn't invite someone until now? Just got given a plus one that wasn't on your invite before? Major dietary need change? You can update your details below. Please try to confirm plus ones by the end of 2021 if possible.

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