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With such a big focus on low waste an sustainability, we are more interested in experiences and community being part of our wedding than things. We also already have two of a lot of household items. Your presence is present enough, but if you wish, please choose one of these non-traditional gifts.

If you are a musician of any kind, please check out our Live Music Happy Hour page to sign up for a performance slot in order to give us the gift of live music with our friends for our special day. For more details and how to sign up, visit:

If you would like to give a gift that goes directly to us, use this registry to help us build an eco-friendly bed-big-enough-that-the-cats-can't-push-us-out-of-it. Please help us get a King size mattress by contributing to the group gift, or select a King size accessory from the registry. We're excited to sleep sustainable, natural, & fair trade. The registry still lets us know who we can thank specifically for parts of the group gift. 

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