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Live Music Happy Hour

Music means so much to us as individuals, as a couple, and in how it connects us to so many of our loved ones. It would mean the world to us to have some of our guests perform live during happy hour.

Keep in mind that this is during cocktail hour when people are chatting and sharing the informal celebratory space, so chill, fun background type music and instrumentals will be good to have as the majority of offerings.

Sign up as many times as you'd like, as time allows. If you want to sign up a specific group of guests, you can, or just throw your name in the form and grab your friends to join you on stage that very night.

We will have a sound system with microphone, phone aux plug in, keyboard, and at least one guitar that you can use, or feel free to bring your own instrument. There should be a spot for it to hang out in the Groom's quarters or around the stage area. 


The list will go to our superstar planner and coordinator, Renee. They will have access to the list and will give it to our MC/Sound Steward, Justin day-of to call people up.

We hope to have folks sign up, but also to keep the possibility for spontaneity. 

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