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What’s parking like? The venue has a self-park lot. Please carpool! Have some extra time with your friends who are coming, be eco-friendly, and make sure there’s room for everyone to park! If every car has at least 2 guests, we will all fit without issue, but the more in each car, the merrier! Carpool discussions are also a great time to discuss designated driver. After Nov 24th 2021 when everyone has RSVP'd, we will create a carpool contact sheet to help our guests facilitate carpools.

Should I wear a costume? No. There will be elements of fantasy and a fae aesthetic incorporated into our festivities, but this is not a costumed event. Please dress formally. But perhaps you've got a fabulously whimsical brocade vest, a gown that's a bit flowy for a dinner date, or a vintage velvet opera coat that's got a little too much muchness for most outings - this is the time for it! 

Is smoking allowed? We'd prefer to avoid smoke for this event. If you need a smoke break, please do so only in the designated areas, away from the party. The bride is asthmatic and is very sensitive to the smell of any kind of smoke.

Are kids allowed? Unless someone younger is invited by name on your invitation, guests (including plus ones) must be 18+. Our youngest invited guest is 8 years old, there are no infants. Please arrange care for any kids & babies not named on an invite or if an invited youth guest wouldn't enjoy an adult party with lots of stimulation including many guests, loud music, fire & water features, and complex space.

Is there a safety contingency plan? Yes indeed. We expect to be able to have the wedding of our dreams as planned in Summer 2022 by being outdoors and having everyone vaccinated. If masks are deemed necessary and/or reducing the guest list would be in order, we'll wait. We'll be collecting photos of vax cards for the venue in advance. Get your vaccines, stay safe, keep healing, and we’ll see you soon!

Are pets aloud? We’re afraid not. As much as we love critters, our venue has floral and fauna of its own that needs to be respected.

I RSVP'd already but some of my details have changed. What do I do? If you have any big changes to your RSVP info, such as your attendance or that of your plus one, or a big dietary change like going strictly Vegan, you can find a button at the bottom of our RSVP page which will allow you to update your details.

What's dinner going to be like? Especially if I have dietary restrictions? Our dinner is being catered with a focus on sustainability and local ingredients. We are serving locally made mead as well as non-alcoholic beverages, and our desserts are being made by a friend who is a pro baker. We are doing our best to make sure there are options for all dietary needs. Our dinner will feature a vegan- gluten-free entrée, and there will be various side dishes to meet other needs and tastes. Dessert will also have a vegan-gluten-free option.

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