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We're Getting Married!

Tim & Miranda
June 25th, 2022
Seattle, WA

Our Story



We first met in late June 2018 at a recording session for our dear friend (and officiant!) Michael Hamm. Michael & Miranda had been working over the summer on vocals for his album, "Cosmozoa: Ice Age Gospel" & Tim & Michael had met through Seattle Rock Orchestra. One track required a small choir, which Tim & Miranda were both part of. Miranda was "so pretty she broke Tim's brain" and Miranda figured the charming cat-loving opera singer must've been taken or Gay. 

Upon Miranda's suggestion, Tim had joined The Dickens Carolers, with whom Miranda had sung for 6 years, & we found ourselves in rehearsals together that fall. One night, Tim invited anyone there to join him at a concert nearby. Miranda felt spontaneous, & we started walking. The no-pressure, zero-expectations atmosphere allowed us to talk openly about a lot of things, connecting immediately as friends but finding a surprising intimacy and ease. It's cheesy but true that we fell in love over night at an Aretha Franklin tribute concert, spending the evening afterwards drinking tea & playing each other some of our favorite music.

Miranda knew it was love when Tim sang her "Dance Magic, Dance" from "Labyrinth" at karaoke. Tim knew it was love after their adventures at Burning Man & surviving the road trip in an ancient rental camper.

We've learned so much from being together, balancing our introvert & extrovert qualities. We've successfully moved into a house together, adopted a crazy tuxedo cat, supported each other through hard times, & enjoyed singing together on countless projects. We are grateful for how well we communicate & how silly we can be.

On May 6, 2021 Tim proposed with the ring he had empowered Miranda to design herself. We had gotten to participate in casting the ring, but the finished product was still a surprise to Miranda. We went to our favorite park to walk the forested trails. We picnicked by the river on Tim's homemade fried chicken sandwiches, and he proposed. We celebrated by prancing on the trails, which we had all to ourselves, singing and holding hands.






4pm June 25th, 2022 at Maroni Meadows

Join us for a night of celebration, dancing and song. With our combined love of fantasy and music, we have taken inspiration from Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, and the Bride's beloved Renaissance Faires to create a woodland garden summer festival wedding.


We will have a ceremony, a live music happy hour that we request our music making guests to sign up for, a fae feast (in which the food is safe to eat), and loads of dancing!


When creating our wedding, we focused on DIY, using our own innovations, skills, and aesthetic and sourcing many other skills/services from friends and other artists in our communities in order to create a meaningful, sustainable, and eco-conscious event.

Please dress formally, with an element of fantasy. Something that fits the vibe of summer festival garden party but isn't a costume. Wear something that you can dance in and that you'll find comfortable for a summer afternoon and evening. Some dancing will be on the lawn, so please plan footwear accordingly. We will be outdoors, so there will be dappled sunshine folding gently into a potentially chilly later night, meaning you may want a light jacket, cape, etc. for the walk to your car. When in doubt, go formal, go a little vintage, and find a creative accessory, jewelry, hairdo, or piece of your outfit that leans a little fantasy if you like. 









Maroni Meadows is located about 30mi. North of Seattle in Snohomish at 9217 172nd St. SE Snohomish, WA 9829

Our ceremony and reception will be held outdoors.

Please carpool! Have some extra time with your friends who are coming, be eco-friendly, and make sure there’s room for everyone to park! If every car has at least 2 guests, we will all fit without issue, but the more the merrier! Carpool discussions are also a great time to discuss designated drivers.

If you are flying in, please check the safety policy of your airline. This is a big gathering- please keep updated on guidance and consider airlines with vaccine and/or mask requirements. If you're traveling internationally, arrange to be in the US 1 week prior to the wedding and get tested. There are super quick, painless, easy at-home tests you can buy that we recommend for anyone flying in.


Seattle has many options for pleasant stays, from hotels to Air BnB. We encourage our guests to support small businesses and to check in with friends and family in the Seattle area.



With such a big focus on low waste an sustainability, we are more interested in experiences and community building being part of our wedding than things. Your presence is present enough, but if you wish, please choose one of these non-traditional gifts.

If you are a musician of any kind, please check out our Live Music Happy Hour page to sign up for a performance slot in order to give us the gift of live music with our friends for our special day. Find more details and how to sign up:

If you wish to give a different type of gift, please visit the registry page to contribute to our fund to get a bigger bed that our cats cannot push us out of and is eco-friendly



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